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Now that spring is in full bloom, your allergies may be as well. Your system may be overreacting to all the pretty flowers that have just shown up.

These food tips can help reduce seasonal allergies:

* The flavonoid compound quercetin aids in controlling histamine reaction which is what causes an allergic response. Quercetin can be found in black plums, cranberries, and blueberries.

* Omega-3’s aid in combating inflammation which is what causes the stuffy effect. Flaxseed oil contains an abundance of omega-3’s.

* Increase your Vitamin C intake to give your immune system that extra punch when it’s trying to fight off an allergic reaction. Kale is a great source of Vitamin C.

Check out more seasonal allergy tips on Bauman College’s Achoo Pinterest board.

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Curious about what it means to eat to maintain your health? Bauman College has been teaching this model for over 25 years. If you’re wondering how it all started or have questions about the nutrition field, hop on the next publicly scheduled call with Dr Ed Bauman this Thursday. Calls are held the first Thursday of each month. 

Date: Thursday, May 1st
Time: 1:00 pm PST

Call: 712-432-3100
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On this exclusive call, Dr. Bauman will personally introduce you to the Bauman College programs, the Eating for Health model, and discuss the exciting field of holistic nutrition. Join the conversation, learn how to maximize your education, and find out how you can change the world through nutrition.




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Feeling a little sluggish lately?

A Spring cleanse is a great way to put a spring back in your step. Bauman College recommends you do a cleanse in two parts, eliminate non-nutritive substances and drink healthy fluids. Through this two part cleanse, you will be restoring your health with a regenerative diet. 


Examples of non-nutritive substances are refined sugars, alcohol, nicotine, and artificial sweeteners. When eliminating these substances from your diet, it is recommended to drink 8 cups of water within 16 hours. This helps to detox your system.


Drinking fresh, raw juices is one Spring cleanse that will revitalize your system. Raw juices release the pure liquids locked in the cells of plants which have definite therapeutic value.


Carrot juice helps to promote appetite and is an aid in digestion. Carrots are one of the most effective means of changing the intestinal flora from a putrefactive to a non-putrefactive type. Because of its strong alkalinity, carrot juice helps to combat fatigue.


A prolific source of magnesium, sodium, and iron, celery juice quiets the nerves and is conducive to sound sleep. Celery juice contains as much sodium as calcium, which is valuable in arthritis conditions.


1.) It’s best to dilute fresh juices from 25-50% to lower the concentration of natural sugar in the juices, especially fruit or carrot juice.

2.) In the morning, make 16 ounces of fresh juice by juicing fresh carrots and celery, and an apple. Drink half in the morning and the other half later in the afternoon when you begin to get a bit tired.

Spring is an exciting and delicious time as the Earth awakens and provides cleansing plant foods. 


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